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Pure White (2cm)    Travertine   Carrara   Thassos   Hanex & Corian
  • Round Extended Ends - Marble - Carnesia White
                         Window Sill Facts

For the best results: Natural Stone or Solid Surface Sills are the right choices. 

Drywall was never intended for horizontal, flat surfaces, especially surfaces that occasionally encounter moisture. 

Both, natural stone and solid surface materials, are very attractive and superior alternatives to drywall.

Beautiful Marble, Wood (Solid Oak) and Solid Surface Window Sills, with custom edges, rounded custom corners and next day installation are available, with Gold Coast Window Sills, Inc..
Top Ogee Edge   Solid Oak   Satin Finish
Top Ogee Edge - Solid Surface - Wheat
Top Ogee Edge - Solid Surface - Neo White
Rounded Ears - Marble - Travertine
Rounded Ears - Marble - White
Rounded Ears - Marble - Carbonia
Standard Edge - Marble - Carbonia
Standard Edge - Marble - White
Standard Edge - Marble - Travertine
Our Beautiful Custom Edges And Rounded Corners
 Will Make Your Window Sills Stand Out From The Rest.
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Material Available
               white quartz                                          Marble                      Marble                 Marble              Solid Surface   Poured Resin